Tack Room

Horses & more

Our tack room has a wide selection of tack from halters to saddles. We carry everything you could need to keep your horses looking fresh and ready to perform. Some brands we carry include: Weaver, Western Rawhide, Cavalier, Noble Outfitters, Classic Equine, Rattler, Canadian Saddlery, Martin Saddlery, Proffesional’s Choice & more!

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Halters & Lead Ropes


We carry a selection of Weaver brand nylon halters in sizes suckling, Weanling/pony, Yearling, Small, Average & Large. We also stock a large variety of average size rope halters from Weaver, Western Rawhide & Cavalier.

Lead Ropes

Trying to find the perfect colour to match with your horse? We carry almost every colour lead rope that Weaver has to offer. There is a wide selection of 10′ poly leads as well as a few 8′ poly leads. We also stock 12′ & 14′ Natural Horseman Leads.

Saddle Pads & Consigment Saddles

Saddle Pads

Needing a new pad for the horse show coming up? We stock a variety of high end to low end saddle pads! From a plain Felt Pad to a more fancy Navajo Pad, we have something for you. Some brands we carry include: Weaver, SMX by Proffesional’s Choice, Classic Equine & Western Rawhide.

Consignment Saddles

Have a saddle you want to sell? We will sell it for you! Bring your saddle down to put on our racks so people can see it without any hassle on your end. You set the price & we will take care of everything else! Looking to purchase used saddle? Come see what we have on our racks!

Cinches & Saddle Accesories


A cinch is the most important part of your saddle. We carry a variety of different styles from roper to straight, felt to mohair and even neoprene. The brands we carry include Weaver, Classic Equine, Western Rawhide & Proffesional’s Choice.

Saddle Accessories

Time to fancy up your saddle with some new acceories! We carry a variety of conchos as well as saddle strings & repair items. There is also a selection of off billets, rear cinhces & latigos.

Headstalls, Breastcollars & Reins


We carry a variety of slip ear & browband headstalls. From super fancy to just plain leather, we got you covered! Weaver, Western Rawhide, Martin Saddlery & Proffesional’s Choice are a few brnads that we carry.


On the hunt for a new breastcollar? We have you covered with high end & low end options. We carry Martin Saddlery, Weaver & Western Rawhide


We carry a selection of genuine leather reins, poly reins, waxed reins & nyolon reins from Weaver & Western Rawhide. Need some new split reins for those long trail rides? we got em’. Looking for a colourful barrel rein or just looking for some plain roper reins, we have those too!


Time for a new helmet? or maybe your little one is just starting riding lessons? We carry a wide selection of TROXEL helmets from sizes XS-L. Many colours and styles to choose from!


Our bit wall has a variety of bits from a plain snaffle, to a ported shank, hackamores & several other options. Some brands we carry include Weaver, Cavalier, Western Rawhide & Proffesionals Choice.

Protective Boots

Our boot wall has a variety of brands and stlyes to keep your horses legs protected. Medicine Boots, Bell Boots, Polo Wraps, Leather Slide Boots, Splint Boots & more! We carry the brands: Proffesional’s Choice, Classic Equine & Weaver.


Thinking of learning to rope? or maybe your a seasoned Cowboy? We have a huge selection of ropes from XXS (xx-soft) – HM (hard medium), 30′ & 35′. We stock Rattler and Classic. We also carry rope gloves, bags, & other roping accessories!

Grooming Products

We stock a veriety of grooming products from brushes to body sprays. Mane ‘n Tail, Cowboy Magic, Showsheen, Santa Fe, Gallop & Canter are some brands that we carry! We also stock lots of grooming brushes, curry combs & groom bags.


Have an old saddle you need to clean up? or just want to keep maintenance on your leather tack? On our shelves you will find: Lexol, Neatsfoot Oil, Saddle Soap, Belvoir as well as a few other brands. These brands also work great for leather couches, veahicle seats, boots & more!

Gifts & Toys

Does your little Cowboy or Cowgirl love to play with farm toys? We carry a variety of different toys from horses & cows to trucks & trailers!

Gifts are a way to express how you feel about someone! Come visit us & pick out a piece from a local artist or something small & meaninful!

4-H Products

We try to support our 4-H community as much as possible! We stock halters, show sticks/canes, grooming brushes & wash products!

Fly Control

Mosquitoes always put a downer on our summers here in the north. We carry a variety of fly spray for horses to keep them safe from mosquitoes, horse fly’s, barn fly’s and many other annoying insects! On our shelves you will find Marigold Spray, Bronco, Untrashield, Swat & Wipe as well as a few others!

Vet Supplies

Our shelves are always stocked with vet wrap, syringes, needles & scalpels. You will also find calf bottles, small animal nipples, colosturm, ob gloves, castration tools, & more! We stock a selection of wound care products, dewormers & udder balms.