Feeds & Supplements

Co-op Capital Feeds is your complete animal feed and supplement store.

We carry Otter Co-Op & LifeLine feeds as well as Step Right Premium Equine Feed, Pegasus & Hoffmans Minerals, Poultry/Game Bird Feed, Cattle Feed & Hog Feed. We also carry a selection of joint/health supplements for your horses!

Otter Co-Op Feed

We have a wide selection of Otter Co-op feed to meet all of your farm animals needs. Otter Co-Op is known for being an exeptionally high quality feed brand that is proud to exceed the expectations of the demading industry. The feed is produced in Aldergrove, BC making it a great local option.


We carry Otter Co-Op grains such as: oats, barley, corn, wheat, meals, & more. We have something to keep all your animals happy!


We carry Otter Co-Op LifeLine Grains such as: COB, Beet Pulp, Rabbit Pellets & more


LifeLine Premium Horse Feed

We carry Otter Co-Op’s – LifeLine  Premium Horse Feed such as: Broodmare & Growth, Ration Balancer, Classic Care, Equi-Cal, Mature Horse Text & more! They make a feed for every stage of life & activity level.


We carry a wide selection of supplements for your horses to thrive off of. Coat care, hoof care, joint pain, or just need a little extra something for your horse, we got it! Some brands we carry include: Purica, PUREFORM, Basic Equine Nutrition & Vita Stress.



Purica’s Recovery EQ is a proven whole body & joint supplement for your horse. This all natural supplement aids in fast recovery, injury prevention, stops pain and inflammation, promotes gut health & helps increase overall capacity for training.


PUREFORM is a brand dedicated to creating maintanable & consistant supplements for all your equine friends. Their brand promotes joint, gut, trauma and overall body health. We carry Glucosamine PLUS, Pure Glucosamine, Pure MSM & Vitamin E.

Basic Equine Nutrition

Basic Equine Nutrion is a brand committed to providing the industry with top quality products. The owners of the company have been involved with horses for over 40 years.  We carry Biotin, Brewers Yeast, Devil’s Claw, Kelp, Lysine, Magnesium Oxide, Milk Thistle, Pulmonex, Recoverex Plus, Regenerex, Regenerex Plus & White Willow Bark

Vita Stress

Vita Stress has essential proteins & amino acids that are important in the absorbtion of vitamins and minerals. Vita Stress Original has 10 major amino acids plus four others. Farriers Choice has a largely biotin base to aid in hoof health while still offering the essential amino acids.

Minerals & Salt

We carry a large variety of minerals, salt blocks, molasses licks & bags of salt. We have got your cows, horses, goats & sheep covered for all of their mineral needs.


Hoffmans Mineral

Hoffmans Mineral is a free range mineral that aids in immune health, balanced amino acids, & improves overall condition. Low NSC & no added sugars makes this a great maintenance feed for your horse at any stage of life

Pegasus Mineral

Pegasus Mineral is scientifically formulated for horses at any stage of life. We carry the original Pegasus Mineral, Pegasus Pre & Pro Biotic, & Pegasus Cool Command. This mineral is suitable for maintence, gut health & overall performace.

Salt Blocks

Are your animals laking salt in their diet? We have a few options to choose from. Trace mineral, Cobalt & a Sheep Block formulated specificelly for copper sensitive animals.

Sulphur & Garlic Salt Blocks

Are your animals getting eaten alive by the bugs while in the pasture? Sulphur & garlic are natural repelents & are safe for animals to ingest. They lick the blocks & sweat out the sulphur or garlic therfore repelling the bugs. The blocks also provide the same salt supplement as a cobalt block.

Molasses Licks

Molasses Licks can be a great supplement to add to your animals diet. Having a high percent of protein, the licks can provide a healthy and enjoyable addition to an animals sustinance. We carry Equest Tubs, StableLyx, Agri-Blocks for horses, sheep & goats, as well as the Agri-Block & Crystalyx Tubs for cows.

Loose Salt

We carry cobalt, trace mineral & fine white salt. Providing loose salt is a great way to ensure your animal is getting the correct amount of salt in their diet. The fine white salt is non-iodized & is great for tanning hides.

Redmond Salt

Redmond Salt is a natural salt mined from a seabed in Redmond, Utah. This salt is great for your animals & has been shown to provide healthier hooves, increased energy & stronger endurance. Great for your animals overall health.

Step Right Feeds

Step Right Premium Equine Feed is a great option for foals to seniors. The Step Feeds have a soltuion for any horse at any stage of life. Hardkeepers, seniors, foals, broodmares, weight control or just need a good maintence feed, this could be the perfect feed for your horse.

Step Right Feeds

Step 1: Start Right – Broodmares & Foals

Step 2: Peak Sweet/Extruded –  Performance & Growing Horses

Step 3: Classic Sweet – Lightly Active Mature Horses

Step 4: Complete Pellet/Rocky Mountain Crunch –  Mature Horses


Step Right Feeds

Step 5: Maintenance – Mature Horses & Easy Keepers

Step 6: Senior – Senior Horses & Hard Keepers

Step 8: Hi-Fat – Hard Working Horses &  Weight Gain

CR Pro Fibre Crunch – Horses w/ Speical Dietary Needs


Poultry Feed

We carry a variety of poultry feed & supplements to your birds. Starter, Grower and Layer. We also provide a Non GMO & Certified Organic Feed. The brands we carry include Otter Co-Op, Natural Harvest, Hi-Pro and Otter Co-Op Certified Organic.


Poultry Starter

Poultry starter is a high protein feed meant to be fed in the first few weeks of a birds life. We offer 19% Medicated Poultry Starter, 26% All Natural Poultry Starter (suitable for gamebirds) & a 20% Poultry Strater/Grower.

Poultry Grower

Grower has a moderate protein level and is meant to be fed to bird after starter, until they lay, or until they go for slaughter. We offer a 17% Poultry Grower & an 18% non GMO Poultry Grower.


Layer is to be fed to laying birds once they have reached the laying stage. we offer a 16% Layer Pellets, 17% All Natural Layer Pellets & 18% non GMO Layer Pellets.

Certified Organic

Certified Organic feed does not need to be fed unless your farm is certified organic, although can be fed if you want a 100% orgainc option. We offer a 19% Starter, 16% Grower & 16% Layer.


Gambird feed if fed to birds such as Ducks, Geese, Turkeys & Quail. We offer a 26% Medicated Turkey Starter, 22% Turkey Grower (also a duck & goose starter) a 16% Duck & Goose Grower & a 17% Grower/Finisher (suitable for all poultry.)

Alfa Tec

We offer Alfa Tec cubes and pellets that can be fed as a total hay replacemnet or just a supplement feed to give to your animals when forage is lacking. Alfa Tec pellets are also used in the garden as a fertalizer!

Alfalfa Cubes & Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes

Compressed Hay Cubes can be fed as a total forage replacer. Alfalfa is high in protein and helps keep on healthy weight.

Alfalfa & Timothy Pellets

Dehydrated Pellets can also be fed as a total forage replacement. Alfalfa pellets are a great fertalizer in the garden as they are high in vitamins and minerals that plants/soil could be lacking.

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