Men’s Clothing

We have a wide selection for the modern western man.  Western shirts with snaps and jeans to dress up in or to get dirty in on the job.  From Wrangler to Cinch, MWG & Roper and Rock & Roll Apparel.  Many more styles to choose from and always something new.

Ruthless Rednecks

Ruthless Rednecks is a locally owned brand right here in northern BC. Originating out of Fort St. John, the owner creates all the art that goes on these hoodies, shirts, hats & stickers! This takes supporting local to a whole new level. Made for the Blue Collar Supporters, the brand is dedicated to creating a styles that truly express just how hard you work 😉



Troll Co.

“Dirty Hands Clean Money”

For all you hard working men and women in the trades, this clothing is for you!

Support and encourage blue collar jobs.

From t-shirts and hoodies to hats and knick-knacks, we carry a wide selection of  sizes and styles in this trending brand.

Outback Jackets

Check out our Australian Outback oilskin jackets. These are perfect for those rainy days in the saddle as they are waterproof! We also have pants too, for those real wet days.  Get yours today!

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Outback Jackets

Come check out our selection of mens jeans!

We carry various styles of Wrangler, Rock & Roll, Cinch and Rock 47 cuts.

They come in relaxed, original, and slim fits with sizes ranging from a 28-46 waist and a 30-38 leg!

Shirts & Jackets

We carry a large selection of men’s shirts from sizes small to 4XL. Regular or tall sizes, button or snap up, something is sure to catch your eye!

Summer is here so come get a short sleeve snap-up to keep you cool.

We stock brands such as Wrangler, MWG, Cinch, Panhandle Slim, and Roper.