Men’s Clothing

We have a wide selection for the modern western man.  Western shirts with snaps and jeans to dress up in or to get dirty in on the job.  From Wrangler to Cinch, MWG & Roper and Rock & Roll Apparel.  Many more styles to choose from and always something new.

Western Shirts

We carry a large selection of mens shirts from sizes small to 4XL. Regular or tall sizes, button or snap up, something is sure to catch your eye!

Summer is here so come get a short sleeve snap-up to keep you cool.

We stock brands such as Wrangler, MWG, Cinch, Panhandle Slim, and Roper.

Denim Jeans

Come check out our huge selection of mens jeans! Choose between Wrangler, 20X, and Wrangler Retros, Rock & Roll and Rock 47 cuts. They come in relaxed, original, and slim fits and only cost $45.99-$119.99! Stock up now!

Men’s Cowboy Hats

We have many different sizes and styles of cowboy hats! From a sharp looking Bailey, or an affordable Western Southland Straw hat, come try one on! We also have Outback hats which will keep your head dry on a rainy day!


Take a look at our leather belts. They are available in a variety of colours and styles and they all have interchangeable buckles. We carry the finest quality belts that are sure to last!

Belt Buckles

We carry a wide range of Montana Silversmith buckles. From trophy buckles to everyday wear, you are sure to turn heads with one on!

Flame Resistant

Flame resistant fabrics provide increased protection against electric arc flash and flash fire exposures. Our Fr clothing meets the safety standards of HRC2 and NFPA2112.

We have a growing selection of styles and brands to choose from. Pants, shirts, dress shirts with snaps and Hi-vis, bib-overalls, coveralls and accessories.

We will have something for the job.


We have something for all your boot accessory needs.  Having trouble getting your shoe on, we have long metal shoe horns. Need more arch support or something with moisture wicking we have an insole for that…. From laces to socks we have something for you. Dont forget to protect your CSA boots with Tuff toe…

Outback Jackets

Check out our Australian Outback oilskin jackets. These are perfect for those rainy days in the saddle as they are waterproof! We also have pants too, for those real wet days.  Get yours today!